diamond grader & Jewellery consultant

If you’re looking for your dream jewel but you have no idea where to start, you landed in the right place! 

Nice to meet you, my name is Stella Bondì, I’m a Diamond Grader and a jewellery consultant.

My work consists in guiding people step by step into the choice and selection of diamonds, precious stones and raw materials in order to realize customized and unique jewels.  

About me

My story

In 2002 I started working in the diamond and jewellery business and in the same year I graduated at HRD Antwerp. During the past 20 years I have collected a wide experience and expertise in the sector. I worked as responsible in diamond wholesale, offices and jewelleries among Rome, Milan and Valenza. I have enriched my education with specialization courses of gemology and diamonds, in both Italian and English. I have attended the most important jewellery fairs and also experienced a significant oversea internship in a DTC Sightholder in Mumbai, India.

Today, thanks to my skills, I have decided to make myself available to the public, offering advice, support and help in the purchasing process of jewellery and precious stones.

Because transparency and awareness are my basic values.

During my professional life I have structured a network of trusted collaborators as goldsmith artisans, designers, gemologist and experts, who will allow me to offer my customers a complete and professional 360-degree service. From classic jewellery to customized and unique luxury objects.

Who is the jewellery consultant?

Jewellery consultants are independent professionals with technical expertise and capabilities acquired in many years of work.
They have a wide network of contacts in the gold and jewellery industry, whom they know and trust personally. They are not tied to any brand, therefore they are not bound to the sale of any particular product.

Jewellery consultants help people to purchase jewels and precious stones. They proposes creative solutions and they know the value and the quality of products; they solve any kind of problem related to the repair of jewels.

They lead and advice customers, and their sole and only goal is to satisfy them by creating a relationship of trust and transparency about everything the world of jewellery.

Why should you rely on a jewellery consultant?

Relying on a jewellery consultant is synonymous with guarantee.

Thanks to their working experience and network they will allow their customers to realize their dream jewellery, respecting quality and design at competitive costs.

Every single request will be analyzed and valued according to the customer’s needs in order to optimize production costs and remain within the predetermined budgets.

The jewellery consultant will then offer a concrete help in devolping the original idea and making the same idea come true.

A path marked by awareness, information and sharing.

Create your jewel and make it unique.

Jewels tell a story, the story that WE want to write. The story that only that jewel will be able to pass on, keeping alive the memory of an important moment or an event in our life.

Jewels are not only valuable for their price, but for what they tell. For this reason, we have to choose every single part with care and love. From the color and precious stone sorting, to the choice of design and materials. All elements that could symbolize and remember important dates engraved on eternal memories.

These elements give the jewels an extra value: the emotional value. That value that commercial jewels cannot recall. I’m here to help you turning your story into a precious jewel.

Get inspired and let’s create your unique jewel together!

Jewellery Inspiration / Moodboard

Are you looking for ideas to inspire you?

Have a look at my digital gallery. You will find a selection of jewels saved on my Pinterest profile and meant to help you to stimulate your imagination. Loads of jewels designed from major brands, many different styles… modern, classic, retro, or vintage… just click on the social icon to discover a world of beauty!

If you want to know more, just contact me.

Any question or doubt? Contact me. I’ll be happy to talk to you.

Talking to me it’s totally free : ) After we had a good chat, if you’re still interested in my service, I will send you my presentation where you can find further details and info.

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